30 Day Blogging Challenge

I was introduced to the 30 Day Reflective Teaching Blogging Challenge from te@chthought through Shauna Pollock‘s work on Twitter. I know that I am 3 days late, but I would like to jump in. Things are stressful in British Columbia in the teaching community right now and I did not feel like I would want to blog about teaching, but I am craving the reflection and planning that usually connects me to teaching. 

Day 1

Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you’d like to be!

I usually don’t set my goals for the school year until I meet my students. That has not yet happened, so I will start with some general, simple goals:

  • co-create a safe, caring community for my learners
  • find ways to support students in learning to the best of their abilities
  • encourage my colleagues to try new things in their practice
  • attempt to facilitate the spread of BYOD in my school
  • focus on the bigger picture: stress less about the small stuff
  • learn daily
  • celebrate frequently
  • share regularly. (keeping in mind “Obvious to You, Amazing to Others” – it may seem unimportant or previously shared, but by sharing it here, it becomes a form of content curation for me; a record of what I’ve tried and how it went.)
  • take care of myself. Follow my @fitbit goals and be healthy. Eat well, be active, and SLEEP. Surround myself with positive people. Be loving and generous.
  • listen better. This is a struggle for me! 
  • make friends and connect with others
  • take risks, try new things, be open to new ideas. 
  • give credit and lift up those around me. 
  • give my students a voice: in our classroom, in the community and around the globe. 
  • make choice a priority for my students

This list is a work in progress, but it gives me a place to start. 


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