Reflective Teaching – Day 6

Te@chthought‘s Day 6 challenge is “Explain: What does a good mentor “do”?”

I’d like to answer this question in terms of what characteristics I would like to have in a mentor. 

My ideal mentor is someone who is:

  • Open: open-minded, open-armed, willing to try new things or consider new things, and open to questions
  • Creative: a divergent thinker who enjoys a challenge
  • Able to know when to say “no”: Balance is important in life, and I need reminded not to take everything on. To be happy and healthy means keeping family as a priority and making time for rest, relaxation, and pursuing leisure activities.
  • Growth-oriented: I’d like a mentor who is able to discuss their own areas of strength and development openly and guide me in learning and improving in areas that I would like to focus on
  • Connected: leverages the power of their own PLN to extend my voice and help me network when I am trying to solve problems
  • A Life-Long Learner: I don’t need my mentor to have all of the answers. My favourite way to learn is through story and conversation. I’d like to work with a mentor who enjoys uncovering solutions together.
  • Patient: looks forward to working together, and is fully engaged when working with someone.
  • Has a “Big-Picture” View: plans with the end-in-mind and does not sweat the small stuff
  • Passionate: a mentor should truly LOVE their profession and inspire the same positivity, curiosity, and engagement in the people they work with.
  • Joyful: this job is FUN! I want a mentor who values play and makes happiness a priority.

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