Reflective Teaching – Day 8

Te@chThought‘s Day 8 challenge is “What’s in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?

My desk drawer is usually very untidy! I always want it to be neater, and I reorganize it as often as I can. Some of the things of value to me include: my “special” pen, sticky notes of all sizes, notepads, calligraphy pen, cords, and chocolate.

My special pen is not unique. It is a blue Pilot pen, and it is my favourite pen to write with. I usually mark my pen with a strip of tape and try to keep track of that single pen all year! I love how smoothly this pen writes, but I also enjoy how the ink level drops through the year. My attachment to this pen is a little silly, and I don’t really like to think about what I can infer about that! The dropping ink level reminds me of an hour glass. As the ink is used I am reminded to appreciate my time. I am reminded to write words of value. I am reminded about the importance of feedback, and being generous with my words and actions.

Sticky notes are so versatile! Students can record their thinking as they read, marking pages with sticky notes without deeply disrupting their thinking. I can infer that I enjoy the idea of organizing-on-the-go, and that keeping your ideas on placeholders can be a helpful thing. It is easy to remove a sticky note, which allows my students to temporarily post an idea and refine it as they go along.

I love notepads! I love technology, but I still think best on paper. I can infer that I may be a “lister”: someone who enjoys drafting lists. I do make lists, constantly. But, I also use the notepads to pass notes in class. I love the surprise of a hand-written note. I try to post short, appreciative notes in my students’s desks, so that they know that I see their efforts, and care about them.

I might infer that a calligraphy pen would indicate a person who enjoys flowery script and is somewhat artistic. Neither is true! I wish that I had neater writing. I have difficulty creating art. I did learn some calligraphy a few years ago, and love to write this way, especially when I am trying to create something meaningful.

The cords tell me that the desk may be used by someone who uses a lot of technology. I am someone who ends up with many cords and items in various states of repair. The tangled mess can be a problem.

The chocolate is self-explanatory!

The clutter tells me that I need to develop a few more organizational strategies. When I consider how few items that I actually use from my desk I realize that my desk is primarily a surface upon which things pile up. I’d like to remove the student desks in my classroom, and it might be a good idea to look at an alternate working space for myself, as well.


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