Reflective Teaching – Day 11

Te@chThought‘s Day 11 challenge is “What is your favorite part of the school day and why?

I don’t have a specific favourite part of my school days. Each day is different and some of the actual schedule is not always set by me or my learners.

But, there is a common occurrence in many school days that is one of my favourite moments. I love it when kids are deeply invested in what they are doing. It is different for each kid, but my heart is warmed when the students don’t want to stop what we are currently doing. Sometimes it is a great discussion during Advisory, and sometimes it is a fun game in gym. It has even happened during math – that moment when someone finally, truly understands fractions and doesn’t want to stop the activity because they feel success instead of frustration!

I am learning more ways to create opportunities for passionate learning in Middle School. Some shifts are easy: give students more choice. It has been freeing to encourage students to shift activities as they need, or to select the questions that they would like to complete in math. Genius Hour opened up many doors for my learners, and it became “chosen” homework – unassigned, but eagerly completed.

I hope to create more opportunities for my learners to experience joy in their learning this year.


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