Reflective Teaching – Day 12

I am falling behind in the Challenge! Oops.

Te@chThought‘s Day 12 Challenge is: “How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?

Great question! I am not really sure how I want my teaching to change. I hope that I will still make learning a priority for my students and myself. I hope that students will have a greater role in the running of our class community and in choosing what and how they are learning.

I feel that the biggest area of change I hope to see is in how I deliver feedback. I would really like to use eportfolios for students so that they can build their own collection of learning artifacts. I would like learners to receive feedback on their work from teachers, peers, parents, administration and from specialists. A portfolio seems to be a living, breathing document of learning, where report cards seem to be the end of a conversation.

Another area for improvement in my teaching might be finding more diverse ways of engaging learners in other topics. I tend to rely on using technology and learning methods that work well for me! I hope that my teaching evolves in creative ways!


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