Reflective Teaching – Day 15

Te@chThought‘s Day 15 Challenge is: “Name three strengths you have as an educator.

This is an awkward question. My strengths and weaknesses vary each year. I am a work in progress! Sometimes I make gains in one area, and another area begins to suffer. I am a learner.

Three things that I hold as important and feel proud of are:

  • relationships: I am not always successful, but I work very hard to establish relationships in our classroom. I identify our learning community as a FAMILY on the first day and I refer to that relationship often. It is a powerful feeling when our learning family begins to come together. The level of trust and willingness to take risks sky-rockets!
  • my own learning: I share my mistakes and my learning journeys with my students. We take time to share the process of learning together, and begin to develop understandings that we all learn differently and can benefit from learning together. I celebrate the many things that I learn from my students. I invite my student experts to teach me and their peers. #geniushour has been great for this!
  • reading: My parents gave me a love of reading. I have been very lucky to teach in schools that have diverse libraries and have enjoyed watching a few reluctant readers discover a joy in reading. I read aloud to my Middle School family. We exchange our personal favourites by title and by sharing actual books over weekends. Students will lend me their ownArchie comics after they learn about my own phase of reading Archie as “brain candy”!

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