Reflective Teaching – Day 16

Te@chThought‘s Day 16 Challenge is: “If you could have one superpower to use in the classroom, what would it be and how would it help?”

My original response to this was the ability to clone myself – to be everywhere at once, to be present wherever I was needed, to be able to meet the needs to all students as they arose. But, I think that Superpower would actually be a negative. If I was cloned, no one would get all of me. Everyone would only be entitled to a piece, and no matter how effective that Superpower was, my attention and care would still be divided. And everyone would know.

I think that I would like to be able to manipulate time. Childhood goes by so quickly! I would love for those exciting moments to last much longer, and to speed up the painful ones.

I don’t even think that this needs to be a Superpower. When we give our students more choice in their learning experiences, those exciting, joyful moments can become the bulk of their day. The more painful or tedious moments can be done in a supportive, collaborative fashion. I wouldn’t like to think  of our learners rushing through unpleasant tasks, so maybe the tasks change to reflect the needs of the learners? I don’t have an answer for how this can be done in a classroom of 30 students, but I believe that even small changes can impact the perception of how time flows in our classrooms.

Now, if only I can apply the same sense of flow to my own organization and task list!


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