Reflective Teaching – Day 18

Te@chThought‘s Day 18 Challenge is: “Create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes your teaching philosophy. For example, a “teacher is a ________…”

Teaching today requires teachers to wear multiple hats. It is no longer enough to coach from the sidelines, or lecture to large classrooms.

So in my thinking, a teacher is a collaborative engineer. Let me explain:

  • models collaborative skills by engaging in professional collaborative efforts
  • assists students in finding collaborative work partners and developing skills in working with others
  • engineers the conditions in which students can learn
  • engineers learning opportunities that make students WANT to learn
  • collaborates with students as a fellow learner
  • leverages the power of technology to facilitate connections beyond the classroom walls in order to provide rich learning experiences in areas students are actually interested in
  • ensures that learners do not feel alone on their learning journeys
  • fosters rich discussions with learners so that everyone has the opportunity to derive as much meaning as they can from lessons, readings, viewings, etc.
  • challenges learners to design their own meaningful investigations
  • engineers inquiry from rote facts

I see teachers as co-conspirators with their learners embariking on a great adventure!


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