Reflective Teaching – Day 19

Te@chThought‘s Day 19 Challenge is: “Name three powerful ways students can reflect on their learning, then discuss closely the one you use most often.

Three ways students can reflect on their own learning are:

  • in discussions with partners, parents, peers, or teachers
  • in writing: blogging, journaling, tickets in/out the door
  • self-assessments: pre/post activity, using similar language that the assessment tool will use.

I usually use the first two methods together for student reflection. Sometimes a students can be too critical of their work or have tunnel-vision about one element requiring attention. By discussing their thoughts (usually with a friend) first, they can check their reflection against someone else’s perception. I don’t get to meet with every student every day, there just isn’t time, so by having students complete tickets in/out the door, or blogging or journaling, I can have an ongoing conversation with them. I can not ask a student to stay late every day to continue a conversation about learning, but I can take all of those pieces of paper home with me and read and reflect on their thoughts. Then, I can take the time to respond to what they have shared. It takes time! A lot of time.

I am always impressed when students begin including more reflection as part of their other work. We complete a Math Problem Solving activity during the week, and several students this year spent more time reflecting on the process they took individually or in groups to solve the problem. They began to place more emphasis and importance on process rather than product.

I am curious about how others manage to build in time for reflection for their learners. How do you teach the value of this skill? How do you model it?


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