Reflective Teaching – Day 21

Te@chThought‘s Day 21 Challenge is: “Do you have other hobbies/interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain.

I have many hobbies and interests that I share with my learners! I hope that they feel comfortable bringing their interests to share as well. This can stem from the fun of #geniushour, or can come out of conversations as we build relationships.

The interests that I’ve shared include:

  • reading
  • Making sock monkeys
  • being outside
  • playing
  • hiking
  • raising and caring for animals
  • running
  • pretty shoes
  • developing my skills as a tea connoisseur
  • eating
  • baking
  • technology
  • science
  • games
  • writing

Every year begins with meeting all of the student in my pod, even the students that I will not directly be teaching. I share the stories of my life, hoping to provide some insight into Mrs. James as a human. The goal in our Middle School is to provide as many adult advocates for each learner as possible. Having visible, shared interests is one way to connect with our learners.


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