#tiebc remix

On behalf of the TIE Book Club, I am very excited (*nervous*) to have the opportunity to chat with the author of Smarter Than You Think, Clive Thompson. Our #tiebc (#tiegrad book club) had originally scheduled a meeting with him for one of our final book club meetings December 3rd. Several members of our book club were not going to be able to make this exciting event, so our professor, Dr. Valerie Irvine, suggested that we see if Clive was available to join us on our class night, Thursday December 4th.

He agreed to switch.

So, now we will be facilitating a book club session with our entire grad class AND the author…

So exciting!!!

A mini-remix primer for those of you who have not yet read the book:

Here is a talk that Clive gave at the Hudson Library in October of this year:

An interview with a journalist who does not necessarily share the same viewpoints as Clive:

A Barnes and Noble Review Conversation for you readers:


This novel cannot easily be summarized. The ideas within are profound and stirring. I have published one blog post here and have several more on the way about my new thinking after reading and discussing a chapter with our book club. I really enjoyed Clive’s focus on creation and collaboration through technology as opposed to consumption. His focus is clearly on the positive opportunities presented by technology. He shares a balanced perspective and encourages mindfulness in our use of technology. He also shares a very historical view and is able to show how some of the current arguments about the potential disastrous effects of technology on our social lives, our focus, our culture, etc, have actually existed for decades as each new development came into mainstream use. The stories stay with you after you finish a chapter. I have been inspired by the ideas generated by several people in this book, and also amazed by the catalysts to action that come out of civic events or injustice. I have had to put the book down at times to ponder how lucky we are to be able to reach across the world to consult a specialist, to call to action, to seek an answer, to find a friend.

Or, reach out to New York to see if an author is willing to chat about his book.


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