Mini-Meditation Update

As our Masters term winds to a close and my assignment due dates crash towards me, I have tried turning to some of the skills I have learned through meditation. Some days (or moments) are more successful than others.

I am finding myself struggling with more frequent sleepless nights lately, and I find that turning my focus onto my breathing helps sometimes. The visualizations for stress are not working AT ALL for late night restlessness.

Earlier this term, Jarod and I were talking about our Learning Projects, and he told me about a book that was recommended to him by a colleague. It was called “10% Happier”. It is written by Dan Harris, a reporter for ABC who had the start of a panic attack live on air. Through his journey to calm the voice in his head (admit it, we all have one), he finally discovered the secret that worked for him… (spoiler alert)


He describes his process: Sit upright, feel your breath, when your mind wanders, simply return to your breath. This is EXACTLY what the first 30 sessions of the Headspace app teach! Mr. Harris backs it up with the same research that I found at the beginning: daily short meditation will grow the areas of your brain associated with self-awareness and compassion. It should shrink the areas associated with stress.

So, I am proud to tell you that I am not done my Learning Project. I have managed to meditate daily since I chose this project. I will continue to meditate long after this term concludes!

Photo Credit: hatalmas via Compfight cc


2 thoughts on “Mini-Meditation Update

  1. Wow! I am so impressed that you managed to meditate daily since the start of this project… with our lit reviews and everything else going on. I need this more and more! THis is definitely a #learningproject that will be most worthwhile and impactful the longer you continue it. Gook luck Heidi!


  2. I’m right there with you with the late night restlessness. So much to do, so little time. It is great that you chose something so practical and helpful for your learning project. The meditation sounds deceptively simple but I know from experience that it is HARD WORK. Can’t seem to stop that inner voice….. Thanks for the reminder to keep trying to carve out the time for mindfulness. I know it is important but it is often the first thing I lose. Wishing you many mindful moments in the days ahead 🙂


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