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It seems a little surreal to report that I have completed my Masters of Education.

It is the reason that I started this blog. Blogging was a requirement of many of my courses. I had not blogged on this scale before, however, I do blog with my students. I have blogged personally  (when time permitted) on this platform, but most of my posts were in response to my learning. I enjoyed the times that I reflected upon my practice in my classroom, but I still struggle with sharing my learning so publically. The audience effect is a bit intimidating.

There are pros and cons to blogging as an assignment. The positives: you don’t have to come up with an original topic (one is usually provided for you), the due dates ensure that you actually post your blogs, the assignment keeps you blogging regularly, you have the company of your classmates who are posting on similar topics, and your classmates regularly provide feedback or comments on your posts! The negatives associated with blogging for others: your blog can begin to feel like a chore or assignment, you become so consumed with the topics that you must blog about that it can be difficult to blog just for yourself, and some topics can be challenging to to tackle publicly.

So far, all of the blogging “assignments” that I have posted for my own learners have been optional, as I am sure that some may feel the same way that I do.

The reflection component of blogging is important to me. I may need to find a blogging challenge to get me back in the habit again. Although I’ve completed the work on my Masters project, I am not done learning. I hope to continue to share some of that here.

It’s nice to be back!


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